The Canadian Diabetes Prevention Program (CDPP) is a collaboration of Diabetes Canada and LMC Healthcare, Centricity Research’s clinical counterpart. The new lifestyle change program is part of a national initiative that will help Canadians with prediabetes or multiple risk factors prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. In a few minutes, by completing an online questionnaire on the program’s website (, it is possible to identify one’s risk of prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. Those at high risk can then enroll in the prevention program on the website and set their own health targets. Free personalized health coaching and motivational interviewing are provided throughout the one-year program to help achieve those targets. (People diagnosed with prediabetes can enroll directly into the program even if they fall below the high-risk threshold). People can also talk to their doctor about getting enrolled.

The program launched in the greater Toronto area this summer and is soon to be extended to Winnipeg and then to other major cities across Canada. You can find out more about CDPP here.

Thank you to Dr. Bajaj who was interviewed for this article.  It is so wonderful to see CDPP highlighted in the news like this.  Congratulations to all involved!