In these uncertain times, connecting with loved ones is necessary. It has been proven that patient care in hospitals improve when families are present to help support, communicate, and advocate for their family members.

With the rapid onset of COVID-19, hospitals across the country have been fully restricting visitors from seeing and accompanying admitted patients, including those in ICU, maternity, and ER wards. While hospitals are doing their best to protect frontline health workers and patients from further risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, patients are now alone in isolation, and many times left without a means to speak to their families.

It was with this that Connected Hearts was established. Founded by Alysa Langburt, Director, Business Development at Centricity Research, Connected Hearts is an initiative to bring electronic devices into ICU wards at three major hospitals in Montreal, Quebec. Being close friends with an ICU physician, Alysa has heard firsthand the impact of isolation on patients. “Many of these patients are awake, alone and haven’t seen their family for days,” Alysa says. “I can’t think of anything worse than being severely ill in the hospital and in isolation.” Tablet access in hospitals can be scarce, with only a few available and selected health workers managing their usage across an entire hospital.

Connected Hearts is helping to bridge that gap through technology. Supporting The Montreal Jewish General, Sacre Coeur, and The Montreal General hospitals, tablet donations are being collected to allow even more patients in ICU care an opportunity to connect with their loved ones. Currently, Connected Hearts is calling out for any tablet donations, and further connections across industries to support this initiative.

“It’s the small things that could make a difference in these people’s lives.”


If you would like to learn more about Connected Hearts, and how you can help support ICU patients in communities across Montreal, please contact Alysa at [email protected] or submit an inquiry below.


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