Industry Response: COVID-19

LMC Manna Research is prepared to take on COVID-19

Our organization was founded on the principle that everyone deserves the equal opportunity to a life of improved health, and it hasn’t changed in the wake of COVID-19.

The importance of participating in clinical research could not be stronger than it is now. We are ready to support the movement towards a cure, and provide the processes possible to meet the needs of the research community for COVID-19 research trials.

For the past 20+ years, LMC Manna Research has worked to reshape and improve the clinical research landscape globally. We pride ourselves on being global leaders in vaccine clinical trial enrollment, providing the capability and capacity to enroll all of Canada’s patient allocation within our network.

Let’s work together to beat COVID-19.

Rapid Start-Up

  • < 2-week Health Canada approvals
  • Central Ethics capability
  • CTA / Budget with < 5-day average turnaround 
  • Regulatory Affairs with Start-Up Specialties
  • One point of contact –


  • COVID-19 Pre-screening prior to visit
  • 100% telemedicine & virtual visits capability
  • Direct-to-Patient (DTP) care (home visits) as needed
  • Full Recruitment & Marketing Team – Call Centre
  • E-consent capability
  • Patient Advisory Group access

Extended Services

  • Full Service CRO support as needed
  • Phase 1-4 capabilities
  • Local Labs – PBMC available
  • Access to COVID testing – viral to immunity
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Community & Patient Partnerships

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We are interested to hear from you, and how we can work together in clinical research for COVID-19.

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