Specific information regarding diversity assessment sourced from Inato Marketplace here.

Centricity Research is a member of the Inato Marketplace. We recently completed Inato’s 14-point evidence-based diversity assessment so sponsors can easily match their protocols to sites in the Marketplace with expertise in diversity. We are thrilled to share that we received a Gold badge and are proud to be recognized as a diverse site.

The evidence-based diversity assessment allows sponsors to easily match their protocols to sites in the Inato Marketplace with expertise in diversity. Clinical research sites complete a 14-point assessment which evaluates important facets of diversity: community, research team, recruitment and outreach approach.

We are proud to have all our clinical sites across Canada awarded gold. As we continue into 2021, our goal is to continue reflecting the communities we represent through recruitment of diverse & inclusive research populations.



The lack of diversity in clinical trials is a serious problem that’s persisted for decades. Black Americans—who make up 20 percent of US multiple myeloma patients and are twice as likely to be diagnosed—have only accounted for 4.5 percent of participants in multiple myeloma trials since 2003. Asian Americans—who make up nearly 6 percent of the U.S. population—have accounted for less than 2 percent of US-based trials.

The reality is that diverse patient populations have different responses to certain pharmaceuticals, and ignoring this poses a significant community and global health risk.

A critical reason behind this lack of diversity is the inherent difficulty in recruiting enough patients who statistically represent the population that makes up the disease. In addition, sponsors face a number of challenges when trying to recruit diverse patients: it is time consuming to identify sites that serve diverse patients and it is difficult to know if the sites are successful in recruiting diverse patients.