Halifax, Nova Scotia, Atlanta, Georgia and Toronto, Ontario – Dec. 15, 2021 – Clinical research leader IACT Centricity Research today announced that it has merged with True North Clinical Research Inc., significantly expanding the organization’s services in central nervous system (CNS) disorders.

IACT Centricity Research — launched in November as part of a strategic alliance between U.S.-based IACT Health and Canada-based Centricity Research — is one of the largest consolidated research networks in North America, with more than 40 sites, access to over 1.6 million patients, and more than 150 active investigators.

Halifax, Nova Scotia-based True North is a two-site network of CNS-focused clinical research sites, known throughout North America for its work in CNS studies. Launched in 2006 to conduct clinical research trials in Alzheimer’s Dementia, the network is involved in a wide variety of CNS disorder trials, such as Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Huntington’s, Depression, and ADHD.

“The merger with IACT Centricity Research is a clear win for both groups,” said Dr. Mark Johnston, founder and Medical Director of True North, adding that, being based in a smaller market, his network has been able to successfully out-recruit other centers by being innovative, patient-focused, and attentive to quality. “IACT Centricity Research has sites stretching across North America and covers diverse therapeutic areas such as Endocrine, Cardiovascular, Women’s Health, and Vaccines. By joining forces, True North brings expertise in an area poised for key growth. We’re excited to bring our CNS expertise to existing sites, where we plan to launch Alzheimer’s Dementia trials in the new year.”

“Just as important, IACT Centricity Research will bring its areas of expertise to Nova Scotia, and we plan to start Vaccine and Women’s Health trials at our Nova Scotia sites in early 2022,” Johnston added. “It’s eminently clear that each of the companies complements each other in terms of geography and therapeutic areas. In joining forces, the teams are excited to bring more opportunities for clinical research to patients throughout North America.”

“We are thrilled to join forces with such a highly-qualified and reputable research organization that brings such deep experience and a proven track record in the growing therapeutic area of CNS research,” said Dr. Jeff Kingsley, CEO of IACT Centricity Research.

“IACT Centricity Research is excited about the opportunity to work with True North’s talented team, who share our approach to integrated research sites and systems, and place strong emphasis on quality and patient experience,” said Karri Venn, COO of IACT Centricity Research. “Together, we will offer sponsors and CROs multi-site, multi- provincial and stateside access to CNS-focused clinical research centers and experienced investigators.”

About True North Clinical Research Inc.
True North Clinical Research is a two-site network of CNS-focused clinical research sites that performs research in a broad variety of therapeutic-focused trials. True North’s team has developed expertise in central nervous system disorders, motion disorders, as well as ADHD, and other cognitive research trials.

About IACT Centricity Research
IACT Centricity Research is a research management organization with over 40 wholly-owned and integrated clinical research offices across North America. IACT Centricity Research conducts phase I-IV clinical research in over 35 therapeutic areas; inpatient and outpatient; pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device trials. For over 25 years, IACT Centricity Research has worked to revolutionize research by investing in the people and technology needed to deliver outstanding clinical trial experiences and has won numerous awards including Best Places to Work and for Diversity in Clinical Research.

More information about IACT Health can be found at https://www.iacthealth.com

More information about Centricity Research can be found at http://lmcmannaresearch.com

More information about True North Clinical Research Inc. can be found at https://truenorthcr.com/


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