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Centricity Research was founded on the principle that everyone deserves the equal opportunity to a life of improved health.

For the past 20+ years, Centricity Research has worked to reshape and improve the clinical research landscape globally. Our purpose is anchored by our patient centric approach – by providing care that we are proud of, it is allowing millions of people to live their lives their way. We understand that involvement in clinical trials may be a lengthy process, and a commitment that many healthcare professionals may not have enough time to explore. Centricity Research takes care of all necessary clinical processes, with each study reviewed and approved by regulatory and ethics bodies to ensure that your patients are kept safe and informed throughout their trial journey. We work with you every step of the way – from identifying patients who could benefit from trial participation, to sharing study progress, final results, and future drug/device approvals. We are working together to make a difference in all patients lives.

Let’s move forward in medical innovation together.

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      No one knows your patients better than you do – that’s why at Centricity Research, our goal is to remove the guesswork when it comes to navigating clinical trials. The world of healthcare and medicine is an ever-evolving industry that can become confusing for patients to navigate, especially when it comes to understanding clinical trials. We provide opportunities that healthcare professionals and GPs feel will supplement the health of their patients and potentially improve their lives and wellbeing.

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