In anticipation of the upcoming 78th annual ADA, we would like to share some exciting news with you.  We have had a tremendous year of innovation and achievement, driven by our unwavering commitment to Making Healthy Easier by  providing the highest levels of quality, service and care to our patients and research partners.  From new branding to initiative and award winning programs, we are proud of the accomplishments we have made over the last 12 months.  Additionally, we will be participating in several of this year’s sessions and are greatly looking forward to connecting with you in Orlando, Florida! Come visit us at booth #1266!

LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology is now  LMC Healthcare, building on Canada’s largest Specialist Care provider in Diabetes & Endocrinology with a team of more than 50 Endocrinologists across 11 sites, caring for almost 60,000 active patients. This new model encompasses 6 services (Endocrinology, Diabetes Education, Diabetes Prevention, Pharmacy, Chiropody, Optometry) all under one roof.  It is the first clinic model of its kind providing patients an integrated team of health practitioners and services ultimately delivering a higher, more cohesive, patient centric level of care.

Watch the story of our first integrated clinic launch featured on CTV News HERE.

LMC & Manna Research are now fully integrated and rebranded as Centricity Research. We are Canada’s largest network (2nd largest globally) of fully-owned and integrated clinical research sites with a total of 19 sites across 4 provinces. We have more than 20 years of experience, conducting research from Phase I to Phase IV (inclusive of RWE/Big Data Trials), spanning across more than 18 therapeutic areas from diabetes to vaccines.

Most recently, Centricity Research announced the acquisition of leading Montreal-based research centre Omnispec Clinical Research (See full release HERE). Having contributed to the development of more than 60 drugs, Omnispec adds greater capacity, data and talent to the Centricity Research network, creating additional research opportunities with our pharmaceutical and research partners globally. This now makes Centricity Research the 2nd largest integrated research site network in the WORLD!

Centricity Research has also been busy providing expert advice in the industry by developing a three part series with Sanofi on industry standards on the clinical trial process.  View the series here: Part 1 and Part 2Part 3 will be released shortly; to follow the next release, visit the Sanofi media room HERE.

In 2017, we were proud to receive prestigious industry awards for innovation and performance. Our very own Lydia Frost (Manager, Clinical Projects)  was awarded Clinical Researcher of the Year (CROY) by PharmaVoicebeing named as Coordinator of the Year for her outstanding  performance; an award designed to recognize and reward the talent and passion of industry and academic researchers. Join us in congratulating Lydia for receiving such an auspicious award! 

We also received the 2017 Site Patient Recruitment Innovation Award (SPRIA award) by SCRS for our groundbreaking and innovative recruitment and patient engagement programs. Through adapting and modifying the latest in social media and marketing models, we have literally transformed our recruitment program, delivering huge increases to enrollment rates and retention levels all the while enabling a more patient centric engagement program. So groundbreaking it is, that Nazneen Qureshi (Manager, Patient Engagement & Clinical Projects) is frequently asked to present to industry stakeholders and conferences on this program. She was recently asked to co-author a story titled “Does Your Clinical Trial Marketing Answer Patient Questions?” featured in Clinical Leader. 

2018 ADA Abstracts and Presentations

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ronnie Aronson, along with members of the LMC Healthcare & Centricity Research  teams will be presenting their findings in multiple poster presentations during the course of the conference. Dr. Aronson has also been selected to highlight his study “First Assessment of the Performance of an Implantable CGM System through 180 Days in a Primarily Adolescent Population with Type 1 Diabetes,” in the official Press Program for the ADA conference! Dr. Aronson will have the opportunity to speak with over 200 journalists from around the world about medical and technological advancement in Type 1 Diabetes. 

For a complete list of our poster presentations and current abstracts at ADA 2018, please click here

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Come visit us at booth #1266

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