LMC|Manna Research’s President, Ms. Karri Venn, we be at the 2018 ATTD (Advance Technologies and Treatment for Diabetes) Conference on the 14-17th of February in Vienna, Austria. 

We are in the midst of forming strategic partnerships to help your trials become more efficient; help speed up start up timelines by negotiating one contract for all sites, using a central IRB, streamlining innovative recruiting initiatives such as patient & community engagement, and consistently providing quality data.

Ms. Venn would be delighted to further explain in detail about LMC|Manna Research during her time at 2018 ATTD. Please contact Ms. Venn directly at the information below to schedule a meeting during her time at the 2018 ATTD Conference in Vienna.

Karri Venn
[email protected]
Twitter: @karrivenn

During your time at ATTD 2018, make sure to also come and see LMC’s very own Dr. Abitbol present findings from his abstract: “LONGEVITY OF AN IMPLANTABLE CGM SYSTEM DURING A 180 DAY STUDY”