As part of our updated safety policies, we are implementing the following at our clinics:

Screening & Reminders

  • One of our trained staff may contact you closer to the date of your appointment or the day prior to do a pre-assessment and COVID-19 screening.
  • All patients will be re-screened upon entering the clinic; your temperature may also be taken upon arrival.
  • All patients must review our COVID-19 policy below.
    1. Are you experiencing any fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other flu-like symptoms?
    2. Have you been in contact with anyone with a respiratory illness or a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19?
    3. Have you been asked to self-isolate in the last 14 days?
    4. Have you travelled or had close contact with anyone who has travelled in the past 14 days?
  • If you answer YES to any of the questions upon our reminder notification, you will not be eligible for an in-clinic appointment on this day. A virtual or telephone appointment will be offered.


Advanced Meter and Device Uploads

  • If you are a patient with diabetes, please upload your meter or device prior to your appointment to increase the efficiency of your in-clinic visit. If you are unable to upload your meter in advance, our staff will be able to assist you in the clinic. (Upload Your Meter)


Arrival & Text Notification System

  • We kindly ask you to wait until your appointment time to enter the clinic and inform us of your arrival (approximately 5 mins prior).
  • If your provider is running behind schedule we will ask you to wait outside or in your car and will text you when ready.


Social Distancing

  • In an effort to limit the number of people in the clinic at any given time, only patients with scheduled appointments will be permitted to enter the clinic. Guests or visitors accompanying the patient will be asked to wait outside unless the patient requires them for assistance.
  • Signage and social distancing floor decals will be visible to help you navigate safely through the clinic.
  • Waiting room chairs will be spaced 2 meters apart.


Provider Personal Protective Equipment

  • Providers and staff will be using the required personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves and plexi-glass barriers.
  • All those entering the clinic will be asked to wear a face mask or face covering of some kind (cloth masks, disposable masks, bandanas/scarves are all acceptable as long as they cover the mouth and nose).
  • If you do not have access to a face covering, LMC will provide you with one. A fee may apply. Masks must be work at all times during your visit.


Sanitization & Disinfectant Cleaning

  • Upon entering the clinic, everyone will be asked to use the hand sanitizers provided.
  • All surface areas and devices will be disinfected thoroughly after each visit, including blood pressure cuffs and weighing scales.
  • The cleaning staff are undertaking their daily routines with approved disinfectants with special emphasis on door handles, washrooms, elevator buttons and any other meaningful points of contact.
  • Materials passed from person to person will be limited.
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