Dr. Paul Marotta

Dr. Marotta has been an academic Hepatologist for over 20 years. He completed his Hepatology and Liver Transplant training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. He held the role of Medical Director of Liver Transplantation at the London Health Sciences Centre in London, Ontario as well as being the Program Director of the Advanced Hepatology/Liver Transplantation Fellowship Program for over 20yrs.  Dr. Marotta is a past president of the Canadian Liver Transplant Network and remains a member of several national and international organizations.

Dr. Marotta is the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Liver Care Canada, a national health care organization focused on care of liver disease patients. Dr. Marotta has extensive publications in peer reviewed journals and remains involved in many clinical research protocols involving early and late phase clinical trials in several therapeutic areas including fatty liver disease (NASH), hepatitis C virus, hepatitis B, hepatocellular malignancy, cost effective analysis, autoimmune liver diseases and immunosuppression in liver transplant population.