Dr. Michael C. Riddell

Dr. Michael C. Riddell is a Professor and Graduate Program Director in the School of Kinesiology & Health Science at York University  in Toronto Canada. His research interests are focused on the metabolic and hormonal responses to exercise and stress in diabetes, publishing over 130 original research papers and 17 book chapters on the topic. Dr. Riddell is a co-author on the CDA Guidelines on Physical Activity and the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescents Diabetes guidelines on Exercise for Children and Adolescents. Dr. Riddell is also a member of a multidisciplinary team working to design the T1D Performance in Exercise and Knowledge (PEAK) Program that will provide people living with T1D the tools they need to better manage their disease, including access to international educational events hosted by global experts and online materials. He is also experimenting with a new drug that halts hypoglycemia, which will soon be ready for clinical trials. As a Senior Scientist at LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology, Dr. Riddell also oversees studies on optimizing insulin management for exercise in active people living with type 1 diabetes .

Living with type 1 diabetes since the age of 14, Michael has worked with several active people with type 1 diabetes including Diabetes Sports camps and at Dskate hockey camps.  He loves working with elite level athletes and those new to exercise with a diagnosis of diabetes to help them better control their glucose levels and maximize their performance. Dr. Riddell has recently done trekking expeditions to Mt Kilimanjaro and Machu Pichu with several other individuals with type 1 diabetes.

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