We are lucky to be living in a time where technology and medical care is ever evolving, developing new therapies that can potentially be life changing to millions of people across the world. At Centricity Research, we are proud to partner with sponsors on early phase research to execute that investigational work to bring these life changing treatments closer to approvals, and in the hands of people who would benefit from them most.

Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disorder where the pancreas does not produce any insulin, making the body unable to regulate blood sugar levels on its own. Insulin is an important hormone in the body that is needed to regulate blood sugar (glucose) levels. For people living with Type 1 Diabetes, there is little to no insulin available to complete this process, causing glucose to build up in the bloodstream instead of being used for energy. People living with T1D need to inject insulin into the body, and continuously monitor their blood sugar levels. When it comes to Type 1 Diabetes, low blood sugar is a great concern; insulin-induced hypoglycemia an under-recognized condition that causes fear and anxiety among diabetes patients and their loved ones.

Currently at Centricity Research, we are working with a diabetes life sciences company who has developed the first once-daily therapeutic to prevent insulin-induced hypoglycemia (low blood glucose levels), with the research trial having already begun! With every phase 1 trial, this study is working with volunteers not living with diabetes to support this first in its kind work, and ensure safety and efficacy of the product before further research is initiated with volunteers living with Type 1.

Meet Titilope, our first study volunteer for this novel trial. Not only does Titilope come from a health sciences background, she is a clinical research advocate, and our first ever volunteer for this trial. We got to sit down with her and ask her experience with the trial so far. We would like to thank Titilope for being part of such amazing research, and taking the time to contribute to the health of millions of people around the world. Thank you for being a medical hero!

Since Titilope’s interview, a press release has been issued by study sponsor about this novel research & Centricity Research’s participation! To read more, click here.


What was your motivation to participate?

I have always been on the lookout for  meaningful ways to contribute to the wellbeing of people through scientific research so I was happy to participate when the opportunity presented itself. The study  compensation was also eye catching.

Tell me a bit about the trial?

I participated in a healthy study where  a Type I Diabetes medication was administered to healthy patients. This trial will help provide better understanding about the efficacy, metabolism, dose etc. of the medication.

What advice can you give to others that are thinking about participating?

Medications currently on the market are as a result of  successful clinical trials. We all benefit from clinical trials therefore we all need to participate. Clinical trials follow strict ethical guidelines. You will not be used as a “Guinea Pig”.

What’s your least favourite thing about the study?

My least favourite thing is not being able to cook. Since everything about the study is controlled, meal options were provided.

Favourite part?

My favourite part about the research is the feeling of contributing to the advancement of science which in turn improves the quality of life of Type I Diabetes patients.

What are some misconceptions you came into the trial with?

I had no misconceptions going into the trial. I am familiar with the intricacies of clinical research.

Have you participated in a research study before?


If you are interested to learn more about this trial and how to participate in future trials, we would love to hear from you! To speak with a research professional on how to volunteer for current and future research, please fill out the form below, or by contacting us at [email protected]