Sanofi: Accelerating Future Breakthroughs Through Clinical Trials: Part 2 of 3

For biopharmaceutical companies looking to streamline the clinical trial process, “big data” can be a big challenge. From complex genomics to the constant stream of patient data from mobile sensors and devices, the information supporting a modern clinical trial is enormous. Managing this information can seem daunting; simply capturing and analyzing it has the potential to slow down a trial and introduce errors as more and more partners are required for a complex trial.

Yet certain data is vital to the process of bringing a new treatment to patients, and in fact can lead to a far greater understanding of how well the treatment might work for a given patient, or even how it might be studied to treat an entirely different condition. So companies are seeking solutions to this challenge by turning to new advances in technology.

From sophisticated data analysis to the creation of industry standards for sharing information between companies and trial sites, Sanofi and others are applying technology to streamline how they work with information.

“The biopharma industry needs to be ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting new digital technologies,” said  Karri Venn, President, Centricity Research, a large clinical research site network working closely with Sanofi. “It’s important that companies like Sanofi have been agile in trying new approaches.”

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