Sanofi: Accelerating Future Breakthroughs Through Clinical Trials: Part 1 of 3

Clinical trials are the crucial link between a discovery in the research lab and a new treatment reaching patients. Regulatory authorities, like the Food & Drug Administration in the U.S., require these studies to demonstrate a therapy’s safety and effectiveness before it goes to market.

They are also taking more time than ever to complete across the industry, making patients in need wait longer for a promising new therapy. The process, which can take years, contributes to an increase in the cost of bringing medicines to market by about 10 percent annually.1

In an effort to meet patient needs and reduce costs, pharmaceutical companies are finding ways to become more collaborative with medical center partners. Medical centers are on the front lines of clinical studies. They are responsible for identifying appropriate patients, executing against the study protocols, and collecting all the complex data from the study.

The more closely the two collaborate, the more likely that studies will be more efficient in moving from design to regulatory submission.

“I’ve seen a shift over the last five years, where companies are increasingly seeing the value of the voice of the clinical trial site,” said Karri Venn, President, Research at Centricity Research, which has worked closely with Sanofi on its clinical studies. “Across our trials, we see the full gamut of examples of what works well and can share that intelligence with industry.

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