Centricity Research will be in Austin, Texas for the SCRS Global Oncology Site Summit from Friday January 31st – Saturday February 1st. At this year’s summit, we are looking forward to come together as an industry to communicate and collaborate on opportunities within this important therapeutic area. We are partnering for success in oncology research.

During our time in Austin, our President, Research, Karri Venn will be facilitating a breakout session focusing on strengthening efficiencies in clinical trial processes and workflows:

Session: EMR/HER Integrations & Builds for Research (Breakout Session III)
Facilitator: Karri Venn, President, Research
Date: Friday January 31st, 2020
Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

This session will be exploring how electronic health record systems (EMRs) can be optimized for clinical trial matching, enrollment, and how they can further support documentation requirements.

We are looking forward to meeting those attending this year’s Oncology Summit in Texas, and to discuss how we can continue to create partnerships and propel oncology research to a new level. To schedule a time to meet, please contact us at the following below:

Karri Venn, President, Research
[email protected]
Incoming Calls: (647) 274-4133

See you in Austin! #SCRS20Oncology