We can’t have research without volunteers, it’s just a fact.

It has been a constant reminder in our industry that as we battle through COVID-19, clinical trial recruitment is necessary to conquer our new normal of living through a pandemic. Director, Patient Engagement & Innovation Nazneen Qureshi, and Clinical Research Coordinator II Andre Valleteau sat down with The Research Slayer Podcastfor their 3rd episode “Patients Needed for Covid19 Clinical Trials” to discuss further.


“If people are looking to make a difference in the world, they could give to charity or give blood and help a few people. However, participating in clinical trials has the potential to impact millions, if not billions around the world,” Nazneen states, as her and Andre share their take on current COVID-19 trials and the impact the pandemic has had on our industry.


Podcast host Sabrina Ramkellawan states in the opening of the episode; “It is so critical to fast track immunity to this virus – it is going to become critical to have people volunteer and enroll in clinical trials if we want to learn more about COVID’s impact, understand what treatments could work, and if we are going to be successful in fast tracking the vaccine.” Sabrina brings a nursing background, and over 15 years of clinical trial experience to the podcast.


We thank The Research Slayer Podcast for inviting us to speak on COVID-19, allowing us to share our experiences thus far, and how we are moving forward amidst the forceful impact COVID-19 has had on us, and others in our industry.


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To learn more about Andre’s story after being diagnosed with COVID-19, and his clinical research & participation experience, click here.


If you are interested to learn more about how you can participate in clinical trials for current and future COVID-19 treatment developments, please contact us at [email protected] or by sending us a message below.