As research continues to push for answers on how to combat COVID-19, Centricity Research has been working diligently to ensure the community is aware of potential vaccine studies.

We are lucky to have volunteers like Cecie Elnicki. A mother of two and long-time volunteer for past trials, Cecie has gathered media attention for her decision to participate in future COVID-19 vaccine research. In her eyes, it’s no big deal, she is simply doing her part.

“I looked at it as a positive thing,” mentions Cecie. “One of my daughters was a frontline health worker when SARS came through. Her husband works in a critical care unit. If I can help, why not?”

With the talk of COVID-19 vaccine trials looking to begin this summer, when contacted by Centricity Research about wanting to volunteer, Cecie saw it as a sign of hope, “I’m too glad to say yes I’ll test it.” Though when asked by the media if her choices made her feel brave or afraid, mid-chuckle, Cecie answered with a resounding no. “This is how medical research goes forward. My daughter is a nurse and when I told her (about participating in COVID-19 research), I expected her to say not to do it but she said do it, and dad should do it too.”

It is because of volunteers like Cecie that has allowed millions of people across the world gain access to approved vaccines, medications, and therapies. Volunteers are the driving force in improving the health of many; we are thankful for our participants who have stepped up, and been part of medical advancement for many illnesses and diseases.

We would like to thank Cecie for being a strong advocate, sharing her experiences, and publicly breaking the stigma many still have about clinical research. Thank you Cecie for being a medical hero.


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If you are interested to learn more about how you can participate in clinical trials for current and future COVID-19 treatment developments, please contact us at [email protected] or by sending us a message below.