Anything I could do to help the development of vaccines for covid-19 would be important. That is the reason why Richard Cioci join a COVID-19 clinical research, and serves more as a statement for all Canadians as we begin to enter another year battling COVID-19. Richard has a pharmaceutical and biotech background and has recently been part of the Medicago Vaccine Study, a clinical research trial at Centricity Research Toronto site that is exploring one of the many new and upcoming COVID-19 vaccines. Below, he shares his experience, his thoughts, and decision on why participating in clinical research is helping towards a greater solution to COVID-19.

What was your motivation to participate?
I thought that anything I could do to help the development of vaccines for covid-19 would be important. Even if by the time this one was approved most Canadians would hopefully be vaccinated, it might help others around the world.

Tell me a bit about the trial?
It was a phase I trial of an mRNA vaccine which is similar to the Pfizer vaccine. It involved coming in for tests and making sure I was screened thoroughly before I agreed. I thought it was pretty straight forward. I did not know I was going to be the very first patient to get it ever so that was a fun surprise. The whole team has been really nice and supportive too which made it very easy.

What advice can you give to others that are thinking about participating?
There was nothing complicated to it and they answered all my questions thoroughly. I also never felt like it wasn’t safe at any point, so if you’re considering participating I would say go for it.

What’s your least favourite thing about the study?
Having to come early to the clinic to make it work around my job.

Favourite part?
I get to participate in helping along a covid-19 vaccine in development, you don’t get many chances to be involved something that will affect and help so many people.

What are some misconceptions you came into the trial with?
None really

Have you participated in a research study before?

To learn more about the Medicago study, and participating in COVID-19 Research at one of our clinics, visit our COVID-19 research page here, or contact us at 1-833-323-JOIN & [email protected].