“Don’t overthink, just do it” – it is important to take chances in life. That is Satya Mudalair motto in life, and serves more as a statement for all diabetics, who are custom to take the same medication for many years. Satya  has recently been part of the GPGN Study, a clinical research trial at Centricity Research that is exploring one of the many new and upcoming Type 2 Diabetes studies. Below, he shares his experience, his thoughts, and decision on why participating in clinical research is helping towards a greater solution to find new treatments to lower blood sugar levels.


Why did you decide to participate in the GPGN Research study?

 To get my diabetes under control and reduce risk of heart problems.

How did your family and friends feel about this?

They were surprised in the beginning but very happy and supportive (especially when they saw the good results as the study progressed).

What has been your experience thus far?

Very Good, it was not easy in the beginning to make big changes to medications I took for years and start something new, but with the support of the LMC research team and my family I knew this was the right thing for me to do for my health

What are the positives? What parts are challenging?

Discontinued short acting and long acting insulins, went from BMI classified as morbid obesity to a healthy BMI (first time weight has been under 200lbs since 1970s). I feel healthier and happier

Challenges: Sticking to a good diet was the hardest challenge in the beginning

Any words of advice for people considering to contribute to COVID-19 research?

Don’t be afraid of the “unknown”, you can change your life for the better and help many people with the same diagnosis now and in the future. My daughter told me “Every medication we have now also has once undergone a research trial” I am happy I can now contribute to better knowledge of new medications today

To learn more about the GPGN study, and participating in Type 2 Diabetes Research at one of our clinics, visit our study research page here, or contact us at 1-833-323-JOIN & [email protected]