Why do so many major pharmaceutical companies conduct their #clinicaltrials in Canada? The answer is simple; the Canadian clinical research environment offers an unbeatable combination of quality, speed & value.

– Canada has been a world leader in both developing and implementing quality standards in clinical trials. It was a Canadian based epidemiologist who led the development of the Consolidated Standard of Reporting Trials (CONSORT), which has been recommended by the international Council of Medical Journals Editors and adopted by approximately 500 health care journals worldwide.
– Canadian trial sites are regularly monitored by Health Canada, the U.S. FDA and Industry sponsors to assure ICH/GCP compliance.
– The standard of care in Canada is similar to the U.S. Canadian universities, placing a large focus on research training in medical school. This gives Canada a large pool of patients who receive similar care as in the U.S. and are treated by doctors with a solid understanding of the benefits of clinical research.

– Universal health care means better integration of electronic health data, which greatly speeds up recruiting. Canada is on the forefront of electronic data management and research.
– There are fewer regulatory roadblocks since 2002 when Health Canada streamlines its process; review times for clinical trial applications have been reduced to 30 days.
– Ability to use Central Ethics that can authorize approval across all of North America – Canada & US REB’s.

– In terms of cost, Canada has an advantage of several percentage points over the U.S., according to the international consulting firm KPMG.
– Canada is a more cost-effective locations than most major countries including not only the U.S., but also the UK, Germany, Italy and Japan.
– Canada boasts one of the most generous R&D tax incentive programs among major countries which contributes to lower costs. If the Sponsor has a Canadian office, they can take advantage of an extensive tax-reduction program while conducting scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) projects.


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